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We navigate the ever-changing online environment to choose the right social media strategy for your organization. By developing a strategy to share content through effective public relations and marketing techniques, we can reach the right audience and customers. Online media is where your videos, public relations, and website should be prominently featured to communicate your message to the fullest. 

Content marketing should be used across your media channels. We help create social content, from videos and graphics, to mobile-friendly websites. Social media marketing and video production are our one-two punch! If you need a marketing agency to help with your social media strategies, we can help!

Samples of our Digital Marketing Work

As a family-owned plumbing and heating business, we don’t have the staff to effectively market and advertise our company. C+L Creative helped us develop a strategy which cut our advertising costs in half while more than doubling our presence in the community. Now we can’t walk down the street without someone saying they saw our TV commercial or heard our other advertising. For small business owners, that’s music to our ears
— Larry Embley, Circle Plumbing and Heating

Questions and Answers about Social Media

Why should my organization be on social media?

Social media is an excellent way to introduce people to your organization, services and staff. On social media, you can tell your story and start a conversation with the people you want to target most. Best of all, you don't need to spend money communicating with people who aren't in your target audience. That helps the bottom line. 

Should I Be on Every Social Network?

Probably not. It may be tempting to jump on every social platform, but its smarter to pick the ones where you can best reach your target audience. In Alaska, Facebook marketing can be very effective because of the size and geography of the state. Often it can reach Alaskans more effectively and at a lower cost than TV or radio ads. 

A key point to remember, is when organizations start an account and then do not cultivate it with frequent posting and engagement, it looks bad for the brand and performance on the platform will suffer. 

What works on social media?

Video, pictures, graphics, and everything visual that tells a story! We can create videos and images that tell your story and bring engagement to your profiles.

Learn more questions and answers about social media.

The Alaska Federation of Natives trusted us with their story of a historic child welfare compact, the first between a state government and a tribe in the nation!

How do you measure the success?

We evaluate social media efforts with several different metrics. Examples consists of:

  • Reach: How many people did your communication reach?

  • Growth: How many new fans and followers did you get?

  • Engagement: Did your engagement with your followers (likes, comments, etc.) increase?

  • Website Traffic: Did your website traffic increase because of your posts to social media?

Who will be doing my work? How much of my work will be outsourced?

Very little. We have experience in a wide array of marketing and production skills. We only outsource work if it makes sense for our clients. Check out our bios to see what we can do!


Clay and Laura, they are the C and L in C+L Creative. Both have over 20 years experience in communications and marketing. We won't pass you off to an assistant, and when you work with us, you’re getting new teammates! :-)


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